At SANTERRA, we are committed to reconnecting people with nature.

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At Santerra, we have a dream: to reconcile humans with nature. We dream of a world where Man relearns to use the treasures of nature to serve his well-being, well-being which he uses in return to serve and preserve nature.

Man and Nature, inseparable
We do everything to promote this link by offering you plants (from the natural environment) that contribute to your physical and mental health, by buying these plants and minerals through sectors that make commitments to the environment and respect for people. who have participated in their production (from harvesting to processing), working with partners (colleagues, product and service suppliers) who share our values ​​and with whom we have mutual trust.

Reduction of material flows
Every gram of material taken from nature, transformed, transported at an environmental cost. We are therefore well aware of the impact of our activity on the environment since we generate flows of goods. Consequently, we strive to limit the flow of materials. No container (empty capsules, pillboxes, boxes) comes from countries not bordering France to minimize the carbon footprint of the transport of these essential elements for the manufacture of food supplements. We concentrate our products as much as possible (quantity of active ingredients per capsule, quantity of box per carton, choice of light biosourced pillboxes). Let’s be honest on one last point: the filling of the pillboxes should be optimized but we come up against several constraints. Concretely, the consumer does not like small boxes (purely emotional), the consumer does not like big boxes either (too expensive) and finally, the authorities impose mandatory regulatory information (necessary for consumer information) which must appear on the pillboxes and which, therefore, do not allow us to reduce the size of the pillboxes to what is strictly necessary.

Biodiversity and waste treatment
As a member of 1% FOR THE PLANET®, SANTERRA donates 1% of the turnover generated by your purchases to associations that support the environmental cause.
Santerra is also a member of CITEO®. For each purchase, Santerra pays CITEO a contribution which contributes to waste collection, selective sorting, preparation of materials for recycling, support and awareness of recycling, energy recovery from waste and the search for new waste recovery channels.
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