Skin White Excellence is an exclusive anti-brown spot, lightening and whitening formula that helps lighten the skin’s complexion. It contains Belight 3TM, an active ingredient that corrects hyperpigmentation and regulates melanin production by combining the power of grape seed polyphenols, grape viniferine, licorice extract, and vitamin C. Skin White Excellence thus helps to brighten and even out the skin tone. Skin White also contains a melon extract produced and processed in France, having clinically demonstrated its effectiveness in the context of UV protection (reduction of damage to the skin and reduces UV sensitivity). Formula with vitamin C and zinc.

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100% VEGAN



*VNR – valeurs nutritionnelles de référence
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Ingrédients :
2 capsules per day. To be swallowed with a large glass of water during a meal.

Use as part of a varied and balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily doses. Do not use for more than 6 weeks without medical advice. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, seek advice from a healthcare professional. Not recommended for children. Keep out of reach of young children. Store in a cool, dry place.
140 mg

93,5 mg

50 mg

20 mg

280 UI

24 mg

Grape seed extract...............................
Licorice extract .....................................
Grape pomace extract .......................
Melon extract .......................................
including superoxide dismutase ...
Vitamin C ...............................................
Zinc ..........................................................
Quantity for 2 caps
Belight³™ (French grape seed and pomace extract (Vitis vinifera), licorice root extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra), vitamin C), tunic: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose gelling agent, acacia fiber, French melon pulp extract (Cucumis melo ) titrated in superoxide dismutase (SOD), zinc citrate, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid).
• Formula containing a combination of several ingredients that have been the subject of clinical studies or consumer surveys.
• Formula rich in anti-oxidants aimed at reducing skin pigmentation.
• Formula low in glycyrrhizic acid (active ingredient contained in licorice): 1.52 mg/2 capsules consumed. Above 100 mg/day, risk of increase in blood pressure.
• Good tolerance & without additives: without gluten, allergens, preservatives, soy, lactose, pesticides, dyes, GMOs,
• Packaged in a biocompostable pillbox (PLA) made from the fermentation of sugar cane residue. Pill bottle to put in sorting bin for industrial composting.
• Small capsules, beige in color.
• Product made in France


Skin White Excellence can be consumed daily. For general complexion lightening, we recommend 2 capsules for 6 weeks, followed by a 15-day break.
Can be taken occasionally during temporary exposure to the sun. Just be sure to consume Skin White 3 to 4 days before strong exposure.
Can be combined or taken alternately with glutathione, which in addition to its presumed inhibition effects on melanogenesis, acts as a "detox" agent for possibly damaged cells.
Skin White Excellence will obviously not avoid taking sunscreen, to be applied directly to the skin, to ensure total sun protection.
Sun protection alone does not offer a guarantee of effectiveness since certain areas of the body can be forgotten and above all, the application must be renewed regularly. Combined with quality SFP 50 sun protection, Skin White Excellence will act as a real sun barrier (combination of external and internal activity) to effectively protect your skin and prevent it from becoming tinted or spots appearing.
Viniferine is a polyphenol extracted from grape seeds, known for its beneficial effects on the skin. In terms of melanogenesis (the process of producing melanin in the skin), viniferine acts by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme (-75% activity 24 hours after being consumed), responsible for the conversion of tyrosine into melanin. Therefore, it helps reduce melanin production, which can prevent and reduce age spots and improve the evenness of skin tone.
Licorice, also known as Glycyrrhiza Glabra, has significant effects on melanin production. It contains a substance called glabridin, known for its tyrosinase inhibition properties (-80%). Like viniferine, glabridin works by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase, which plays a crucial role in melanin production.
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is an essential enzyme for the skin. By neutralizing these radicals, SOD helps maintain skin elasticity, prevent the appearance of wrinkles and promote a healthy, radiant complexion. Additionally, studies have shown that SOD may also help reduce skin inflammation, improve wound healing, and protect against UV damage.
Recommended for women looking to brighten and even out their skin tone. Hyperpigmentation can appear as a result of age, following temporary or prolonged overexposure to the sun (UVB) or following pregnancy (hormonal changes).
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Skin White Excellence is a concentrate of several sources of antioxidants selected for their exceptional properties on the skin. Two generations of antioxidants are combined:

  • secondary anti-oxidants (grape seed and pomace extracts, licorice extract) all recognized and having demonstrated their effectiveness in reducing the process of melanogenesis (coloring of the skin due to aging or over-exposure to the sun): reduction in tyrosinase activity by 85%, reduction in the appearance of brown spots by 82%.
  • primary antioxidants, provided by SOD (superoxide dismutase) contained in melon. Clinical studies carried out on this ingredient have shown that it reduces the damage caused to skin cells during exposure to the sun (UVB) by 72%.

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