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The story begins with the identification of a need, leading to our customers! After having defined the type of person affected by this need, we then set ourselves a main objective: maintain, relieve, treat, replace? 5 key steps follow :

Choice of ingredients

This phase is undoubtedly the longest and most complex, the one that requires the most experience to choose the key ingredients and put them together well. Any great cook will explain things to you the same way. We combine ingredients so they work synergistically. For example, some treat the problem, others treat the cause and the ground, which led to the problem. We develop complete formulas. Sometimes, we still have to offer formulas with few ingredients.

Choice of suppliers

We then start from the rare pearls since the offer can be gigantic. You can find all types of quality, at all prices! At this stage, we use our network to find the TOP 3 suppliers for each ingredient. We then refine the choice independently, with regard to the scientific information available to them and which they transmit to us, and their commitment to the environment. At this stage, we never set ourselves a cost barrier, we are looking for the best, period!

Choice of galenic

Depending on the presentation of the pure ingredients (liquid or solid, oily or not, etc.) and the public concerned by the need, we choose from the following presentations: capsules, tablet, soft capsule, liquid. You will understand, for example, that we will not produce a tablet to meet the needs of a 3-year-old child.

At Santerra, we favor capsules over tablets for adults. Often easier to swallow, it avoids us above all to bring the additives (excipients) necessary for the design (compression) of the tablet and which does not bring you anything. To offer you complete and effective formulas, we need to concentrate the active ingredients; the capsule is an ideal product. They are also easy to carry around during your travels.

Ingredient dosages

We dose the main ingredients at doses that have demonstrated their effectiveness. We define the dosage (number of capsules to consume per day to receive the right amount of active ingredient). We optimize the doses to prevent the use of different products from generating unnecessary accumulations of doses for your body.

Price optimization

After 4 stages passed, this is the final stage. We systematically refuse to market products that are too expensive in relation to the benefit that a consumer can expect. If the cost passes, we head for regulatory validation (see marketing). Otherwise, we go back to the very beginning to look for other less expensive but equally effective ingredients, remove the least beneficial ingredients, adapt the doses.

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